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Black Crowes Events,
We are looking for permanent bloggers to cover our Events! . You have to be serius and responsable, this is the only one requeriment that we have. If you are interested just contact me inworld.


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Black Crowes Hunt

Sin título-1 copia

– *PerveTTe* by lanna cobalt
– A*S by luciana Button
– Tekila Candy by TekilaCandy Portal
– Holli Pocket by Holli Thespian
– Pink Sugah by tara asamoah
– Blink2Wink by Lindsay Kocherigin 
– PELLE STORE by Morgana Direwytch
– [trs] by Manda Schmooz
– WickedNight by asylum miggins
– [VoiD] by Arkaine Rieko
– RD Style by Renata Dragovar
– [The Plastik] by Aikea Rieko
– Dress2Kill by unquenchablethirst resident
– L!KE by Tayla Peapod
-Goth1c0 by Keishii Roo
-Demise of Flight by Nikki Wildmist
-Leri Miles Designs by Leri Miles
-Pain Tattoos by Mae Jewell
-NAMINOKE by taiko McCaw
-PICHI by Zxxrysa Magic
-Loordes of London by Coleen Macarthur
-Arise by lonlysoule resident
-Love Zombie by Pistol Mixmaster 
-.:Panda Punx:.  by Lluna Nitely 
-Adones by Cruella Pennell
– {{BSD Design studio}} by babychampgne sass
-Que Bella! by Issybella Quintessa
-Cheeky by pistyle primswitch
– 1 Hundred. by Sira Savira
…..coming soon

The Black Box Project

✰~ The Black Box Project~✰
✰~ A Bi-Weekly event for lovers of black ~✰
The Black Box Project is an event created for the love of the Black color!
Black is sexy, dark, dirty, elegant, modern, sophisticated, simple is beautiful
✰~Theme~✰ Clothes, jewelry, skins (make-up), poses, shoes, tattoo, piercing anything as long as it’s black
✰~How does it work~✰ As soon as your request will be accepted, at first, you will receive a folder ( “The Black Box Project/vendors” )
This event runs every month from the 1st till the 15th. theme is black. All items will be priced at 100L or below.
Each round you will pay a fee of 300L valid for the whole duration of the round
✰~Each designer will have to create a minimum of 1 exclusive item related to the theme of the event
Event Orgaizer: BlackCrowesevent Resident
*Official Blog:
*Flickr Group:
*Blogger /Designer Group SL: secondlife:///app/group/6ac0a5d9-90b7-a6ba-002a-9f538cbe1e55/about
Coming Soon April 14

Black Crowes Hunt Stores

Store list

– *PerveTTe*
– A*S
– Tekila Candy
– Holli Pocket
– Pink Sugah
– Blink2Wink
– [trs]
– WickedNight
– [VoiD]
– RD Style
– [The Plastik]
– Dress2Kill
– L!KE
-Demise of Flight
-Leri Miles Designs
-Pain Tattoos
-Loordes of London
…..coming soon

Black Crowes Hunt – App Open For Designer

Hunt introduction of a New Black Fashion Event

10th – 25th, March 2014


Black Crowes Hunt

Black Cowes Hunt with a maximum of 30 brands & will begin on March. 10th and run to 25th March (2 weeks.). Each hunt Item will be for sale at 10L. Your item must be created by you, original and never been given away for free before You should create an exclusive item for the hunt

*Theme: Black

*The hunt item to search for will be a feather

*Application deadline: March 1th (applications sent in after this date will be reserved as backup)

Hunt Order: First come, First serve

*If you have any questions regarding this Hunt don’t hesitate to NC in world

Hunt organizer & info: Raver Black (BlackCrowesevent Resident)

Designer Application

Blogger Application